Enterprise Mobile, Web and Desktop Software development

For your firms, organisations, schools, hospitals.

  • Excellent UI desgin.
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Portals development, etc.

Enterprise SMS & Voice Application integration

Be Vocal. Reach wilder audience

  • Textual messaging services (Single/Bulk SMS)
  • 2-Factor SMS Authentication integration
  • Voice messaging services
  • 2-Factor Voice authentication integration

Digital Content Creation and Animations

For business presentations, promotions, adverts. Creative immersive graphics.

  • Excellent graphic concept
  • Intuitive design
  • Well-tailored scripts.

Thumb-Print Capturing application development

Make your business or services smarter and secured by deploying biometric system.

  • Secured and smart integrated applications
  • Fraud or impersonation prevention system
  • Enhanced service performance

Smart Card Application development and integration

Smart goal-oriented driven applications.

  • Identity validation
  • Payment system integration
  • Secured access/acceptance system integration
  • Customizing and deployment of smart cards
  • Deployment of smart card writers/readers

Scratch Cards production

Enhance your business or services engaging your clients/customers in an intuitive manner

  • Scratch card designing and printing
  • PIN generation and management applications, etc.

Vehicle Tracking Installation & Fleet Management

Smartly track and manage your fleet of vehicles and assets. Be in control and have peace of mind

  • Geo-Location reporting
  • Ignition sensing
  • Voice listening
  • Immobilization
  • Geo-fencing
  • Speed limit control, etc

Digital Security Devices deployment

Smart ways. Smart moves on securing your businesses, your apartment, your installations, etc.

  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) deployment
  • Wearable spy devices
  • Wearable/portable tracking devices

IT Training & Outsourcing

Grow your knowledge-base on infotech. Improve your staff proficiency to improve your businesses/services.

  • Software development training - (C#, VB.Net, Java)
  • Project consulting and mentorship
  • Website designing (HTML, CSS, Javascript)